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Behind the wheel is a team of the industry's finest creative mechanics and advertising gurus. Baker One has brought home a truck-load of awards for design and creative direction.

Perfecting our creative mechanics in a diverse variety of industries, Baker One has acquired a reputation for high-end creativity that not only captures attention, but delivers a well-positioned message to the masses.

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Adam Steward - Profile PictureAdam Steward - Title and Description
Kristi Steward - Profile PictureKristi Steward - Title and Description
Judas Kesterson - Profile PictureJudas Kesterson - Title and Description
Sharon Geedman - Profile PictureSharon Geedman - Title and Description
Courtney Jones - Profile PictureCourtney Jones - Title and Description
Jonathan Lara - Profile PictureJonathan Lara - Title and Description
Billy Beucler - Profile PictureBilly Beucler - Title and Description
Adam Steward - Profile Picture

Adam Steward

Baker One Design founder Adam Steward openly admits he has OCD tendencies, but in a good way. It's the compulsion for perfection that has driven his success throughout the years, first graduating with honors from the Art Institute of Houston to working as lead designer and senior art director for several Houston-area agencies before starting Baker One Design in 2007 and bringing home a truck load of advertising awards. His quest to do it right is reflected in the people he hires (including wife Kristi, a topnotch marketer) to the finely detailed work that bears the Baker One stamp. Out of the office, Adam is an avid sportsman, and particularly enjoys fishing and hunting. (Yes, the trophies hanging on his office walls are his — he'll be glad to sit down and tell you about them.) Adam also is a devoted family man and can spend even more time telling you about how he and Kristi met and about raising his two sons, their artistic and athletic oldest son Kaden and their youngest son, appropriately named Hunter.

Kristi Steward - Profile Picture

Kristi Steward

You know the kids in school who would ruin the curve? That's Kristi Steward. This over-achiever doesn't believe in giving just 100 percent. She's not doing her job until she's giving 125 percent, whether it's at work, at one of her numerous volunteering roles or at home with the three loves of her life, Hunter, Kaden and Adam (yes, that Adam). Kristi is a lifelong Houstonian, leaving just long enough to get a degree in marketing from Baylor University. She has worked as an account executive, account supervisor and vice president for several big-name ad agencies in town and most recently helped Woodforest earn its place as one of the area's top-selling master-planned communities (as well as earn herself the coveted "Marketing Director of the Year" award from the Greater Houston Builder's Association!). She brings incredible skill, insight and creativity to Baker One Design, as well as a long list of industry awards. When not in the office or at home sending late night texts and emails to clients and colleagues, Kristi enjoys cooking, dancing, traveling, but most of all….spending time with family.

Judas Kesterson - Profile Picture

Judas Kesterson

Judas Kesterson loves to climb to breathtaking heights, either during his free time or while creating jaw-dropping work at Baker One Design. The multi-talented Judas has more than 20 years of marketing and advertising experience, taking a lead role in creative direction, integrated marketing communications and design for companies ranging from Fortune 500 clients to a multitude of national, regional, and local business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and retail clientele, developing their unique objectives through creative strategy. When not producing extraordinary marketing pieces, Judas can often be found climbing the face of a mountain, jumping out of an airplane or exploring the deep ocean blue. In short, Judas is an extreme kind of guy – and extremely good at everything he does.

Courtney Jones - Profile Picture

Courtney Jones

Lover of wine, flowers and history, Courtney Jones also is a meticulous planner, which comes in quite handy in her job as a Baker One marketing manager. Courtney is one of the faces of Baker One, working directly with clients to ensure their needs are met on time and on target. A former student of Texas A&M University — Gig 'em Aggies! (she made us put that in her bio) — Courtney has a degree in horticulture with a floral design emphasis and a minor in business administration. Prior to joining Baker One in September 2013, she owned a floral design company. Courtney says she loves the fast pace of Baker One and working in such a creative atmosphere. She even gets to flex her own creative muscle on occasion, designing gift baskets and other items for clients.

Jonathan Lara - Profile Picture

Jonathan Lara

Jonathan Lara, also known as "Jman," brings an electric energy and substantial IT wizardry to the Baker One offices. His dual role of production designer and keeping the IT systems operating suits Jman, who offers that rare combination of high-flying creativity and down-to-earth technical know-how. Jman worked in IT for years in Houston before joining Baker One, all while pursuing his passion for design in his spare time until it finally became a secondary business. If you have a minute, Jman would love to bend your ear about the two of the loves of his life, dogs Tank and Shelbi, who enjoy frequent long walks and play time with their "Dad."

Billy Beucler - Profile Picture

Billy Beucler

Billy Beucler once took a personality test that classified him as a "creative problem solver," which makes his role as lead web designer at Baker One Design a pretty darn good fit. Billy is the person that takes the elegant designs of Baker One graphic artists and the operational requests from our clients and creates striking and functional websites. And although Billy officially joined the Baker One team in September 2014, he actually has been the programming force behind our website projects for years, working previously as an independent contractor. A guy who really knows what he’s doing, Billy also has worked as an adjunct professor for Lone Star College, where he graduated magna cum laude (okay, maybe we’re bragging a bit). We keep Billy pretty busy, but when he does leave the office, he is usually hanging out with his fiancé, rough housing with the dog or staying busy with church activities.

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Whether your marketing efforts need routine maintenance or a major overhaul, Baker One Design is your one-stop shop. Our creative team offers a full slate of services to fit your every need.

Full Service Corporate Identity


With a passion for "from the ground up" marketing and brand development – BOD will develop a comprehensive and complementary look and feel that solidly establishes the essence of your company and its product, making an indelible impression upon its audience. We believe that a timeless and memorable corporate identity is the only chance for a strong first impression and is what will have your clients coming back for more.

Full Service Web Development


A vital tool of any marketing package today is an effective website. BOD will work with you to create an eye-catching website that gives a compelling description of your products and services. Baker One's website development team also includes a knowledgeable use of keywords and other techniques that facilitate favorable search engine results, as well as complete customer interactive capabilities.

Full Service Collateral and Outdoor


Baker One Design will help develop billboard and outdoor signage with impact, as well as all of your collateral marketing pieces, including stationary components, brochures, promotional materials, direct mail and much more.

Full Service Advertising and Marketing


After a thorough company/product analysis, Baker One Design will build an effective marketing plan that coordinates all efforts into one targeted, comprehensive plan. And with innovation, style and flair, Baker One will put together a memorable advertising campaign that delivers. Whether the project is large or small, Baker One Design will work start-to-finish on quality control and client satisfaction. Not a "design-and-go" firm, Baker One Design is in for the long haul. "Our goal is to build a lasting relationship with our clients, celebrating their many achievements and successes for years to come."

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